Action CLUB

Where better than Brighton to learn how to grow our businesses whilst supporting each other and having a load of fun?

Next trail Event Friday January 12th at 9.00am  - Amex Stadium 

Join Like-Minded Business Owners to Build your Knowledge, Build your Network, Build your Business, and Build your Profit!

What is ActionCLUB?

Action CLUB is our flagship business skills development workshop programme run as a series of seminars / workshops throughout the year and covering a wide curriculum of essential business themes.  Action CLUB is your own business training ground to hone your professional skills. 


This Programme is an opportunity for learning and sharing in a relaxed yet structured environment, exploring, planning and implementing business basics as we go with the support of a fully accredited Action Coach.

Who Is Action Club For?

Action CLUB is suitable for owners and directors of SMEs, whether they are sole traders or have small teams, from start-ups up to typical turnover of £300K.  Action CLUB is a broad church of business owners with a wide variety of sectors represented from retail, to professional services to network marketing to manufacturing.

Is Action Club Right for me?

Action Club consists of 22 3-hour sessions per year run approximately fortnightly, during working hours encouraging business owners to step out of their business and focus on development and growth.


From planning, marketing and sales, KPIs and dashboards, financials to networking, from team development to recruitment and effective use of social media, we have a broad curriculum of learning!


Celebrate wins and collaborate with like-minded, proactive business owners like yourself to inspire change. 

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