Who On Earth is Glen Mills?

Like all great sportsmen – Usain Bolt has a coach. His name is Glen Mills. You have probably never heard of him. He can’t run faster than Usain Bolt, he can’t do Bolt’s training for him, and he can’t eat the diet for him either. But without him, Bolt would not be the incredible athlete that he is today. Why is that?

Glen Mills is credited with turning Bolt into the icon he is today. Mills is Head Coach of the Racers Track Club in Kingston, Jamaica which is nick-named the 'Sprint Factory'. He's been coaching for 42 years and is behind the reinvention of Bolt from a 'talent with potential' to world No.1

We recognise fairly readily the sporting analogies. However when it comes to business it is a different story for many. What is it that stops us (confession time - actually not me – I have a coach too…. ) from applying that same logic to our businesses? Maybe it is because as business owners we try to be the superhero and do everything ourselves. To stick with the race analogy, we know we can run fast but are we ready to be transformed into a gold medal winner?

Like Glen Mills, good business coaches focus on both the technical, the strategic, the motivational and on the mindset. These all need to come together to produce a winning performance. They all need attention. We add to the mix- the demand, the accountability, the pure instance that a coach brings to the “coachee”.

I address many of these issues in my workshops and seminars. I also explore them in my one-to-one meetings with business owners, irrespective and indeed without expectation of whether they may become clients.   Why? Because it gives those individuals the opportunity to think afresh, and look at their business from a different perspective. As a result of the workshop or meeting, most will gain fresh perspective and motivation and some will want to engage with a coach. The most important thing is that a decision point is reached, and it is an informed one.


And that is the most important thing. It isn’t about the coach – any coach, Gavin Bellamy or Glen Mills. It is about you, the business owner, the athlete. Helping you to run faster, further, smarter… It is your race. I will help you run it better.

I often enjoy the point in a meeting where we get to the “ I am going to get you to do things you might not want to do to get to the place where you definitely want to be” . So many say “Yes – I need that”.


Do you have such an 'unreasonable friend' at your side to act as an independent sounding board that will support, challenge , educate and motivate you in equal measure?


If you want to know more and get to that breakthrough point that will deliver better results, then lets talk . It won’t hurt.