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“I would highly recommend Gavin Bellamy and Action Coaching. I was fortunate enough to take part in a morning session and I was so impressed with the nature of the material covered, the style in which Gavin delivered it and the professionalism of the whole experience. I left with nuggets of information that I can implement in my business immediately. To me learning has to be interactive and fun or it’s like being in a dull classroom. My experience with Action Coaching was a breath of fresh air. Thank you Gavin for your commitment to excellence and to ensuring that you serve your participants well. Getting coaching is not a luxury it’s a necessity if you really want to take the lid off your business and with a money back guarantee, well,working with Gavin is a ‘no brainer’!"

Julie Mann




“What impressed me most was the way in which everything Gavin did was very clearly founded in values- adding a dimension beyond that which we normally experience with external consultants. He is an outstanding communicator, a man of complete integrity and sets the highest standards in his work”

Richard Cramer 



"Gavin has given us a new outlook on our business and a clear vision for the future. Our company is now moving forward with all the support and inspirational guidance that we need."

Rosie Taylor

4th Dimension


I had a conversation with my husband at the weekend.  He told me of two amazing speakers who he felt would be absolutely inspirational for my staff. He said that he had truly been inspired by their knowledge.  When I asked him their names and he said 'Marian and Gavin', I had to smile and told that I agreed with him totally and that I had already booked you both.


It was so lovely to see him so'fired up' about what is inspirational and important to him and this is largely due to both of your inputs.

I hope that you do not mind me contacting you informally like this but I felt it important to let you know that your work makes such a difference to individuals.

Thank you both for the amazing work that you do.

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